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Lunar Embrace Vase Collection

Lunar Embrace Vase Collection

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Introducing the "Lunar Embrace Vase Collection," a trio of ceramic wonders designed to captivate and charm any observer. This set, comprising large, medium, and small sizes, is a modern homage to the celestial forms, perfect for gracing your living room, desktop, or study with its presence.

The largest vase, measuring a generous 28 cm in length and 22 cm in height, is a statement piece reminiscent of a full moon. Its curved edges gently cradle your favorite florals, creating a spectacular display. The medium vase, 20 cm in length and 15 cm in height, mirrors the first quarter moon phase, offering a compact yet visually appealing container for smaller bunches or single-stem flowers. The smallest vase, with dimensions of 15 cm in length and 12 cm in height, is akin to a crescent moon, perfect for a delicate arrangement or as a standalone piece of art.

Each piece in the Lunar Embrace Vase Collection speaks of simplicity and modern elegance, with a textured surface that adds an organic touch to its otherwise sleek appearance. The pure white ceramic captures the light and shadows, highlighting the natural beauty of any botanical it holds.

Envisioned for the contemporary space, these vases provide a peaceful and harmonious addition to any room, echoing the quietude of a moonlit night. They are not just containers for plants but vessels of tranquility and style.

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