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Silhouette Serenity Vase Set

Silhouette Serenity Vase Set

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Welcome to the "Silhouette Serenity Vase Set," an exquisite selection of glass ceramic vases that encapsulate the essence of modern minimalism and hydroponic elegance. Each piece within this set reflects the subtlety of Morandi color schemes, presenting a harmonious blend of muted tones that resonate with a sophisticated calmness.

The largest vase, with dimensions of 10 cm in diameter and 15.5 cm in height, offers a robust oval contour, perfect for embracing the fullness of a lush eucalyptus arrangement. Its companion, a slender vessel of 19 cm in height and 7 cm in diameter, presents a tall and sleek profile ideal for showcasing the graceful arc of a single monstera leaf or tall grasses. Completing the trio is the most petite vase, standing at 11 cm tall with a 9.5 cm diameter, a spherical charmer that can cradle a vibrant array of hydroponic blooms or delicate air plants.

Each vase boasts a matte frosted texture that softens the touch and adds to the visual tranquility. The thickened bottom design ensures a stable and reliable placement, while the unique bottle mouth silhouette allows for safe and easy arrangement of stems. The simple yet impactful shapes are suffused with Nordic fashion charm, their curved and smooth lines a testament to understated luxury.

These vases are not only functional for your botanical displays but also serve as standalone art pieces that can adapt to and enhance a variety of home styles. With the Silhouette Serenity Vase Set, you invite into your space a romantic and quiet ambiance, perfect for creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

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